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Interactive BMW Racing Game.

Better than the mapping experience because it’s fan interactive.


Interactive “Animal” Mirror Cool for Digital Signage.

The Creators Project

Record Player 2.0. A new take on old-school technology.

The Creators Project

Interactive Car Windows.

Samsung’s Smart Window. Inspiration for interactive digital signage.

Your shadows come to life in this digital interactive.

Check out another video here. Source: The Creators Project

Digital Light Show from Murcof and AntiVJ. Very cool.

3D Mapping on a Bridge.

The Nose LED.

The LED lights up when you breathe. And this is…um…I have no idea what to make of this. But it could possibly be the best Halloween costume effect ever.


The Interactive See-Through Vending Machine

Now you can interact with the vending machine glass while see what’s going on behind it in the case.